Software Unites Parents, Law Enforcement In Battle Against Internet Predators

The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) has announced the launch of McGruff® SafeGuard, a free service for parents to monitor and safeguard their kids’ online activities.

Parents using the service have detected and prevented Internet predators, sexual assault, teen drug abuse, crime and suicide.

McGruff SafeGuard can be downloaded for free at

The service, tested in more than 19,000 homes since 2005, is part of an NCPC partnership with ParentsOnPatrol, a Miami-based company that develops advanced parental control technology. The service allows parents to conveniently review their kids’ activities using a secure website, or to be notified of potentially dangerous situations via cell phone and e-mail alerts.

“The National Crime Prevention Council is dedicated to protecting children and youth,” said NCPC President and CEO Alfonso E. Lenhardt. “Every family should be safe online and that is why we are offering a free version of McGruff SafeGuard to help them stay that way.”

If a parent discovers an Internet predator, McGruff SafeGuard reports the suspected predator to law enforcement via the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).

At the same time, the software blocks that alleged predator from communicating with the child again or with any children protected by the McGruff SafeGuard service. Also, if the suspected predator is detected on MySpace, the service alerts the MySpace’s Policy Enforcement Team so they can take immediate action.

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