Verizon Business to Help Businesses Leverage VoIP

Organizations of all sizes will get even more from their IP networks by adding new IP Trunking capabilities unveiled recently by Verizon Business.

As more companies make the move to voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), Verizon Business is providing its IP Trunking customers with on-demand sharing of unused trunk capacity, more platforms for IP PBX (private branch exchange), a new path to VoIP through its Ethernet to Private IP access option, and automated rerouting of calls to maintain business continuity.

Trunks are communications lines that connect switching systems. Verizon VoIP Trunking services use Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) signaling to interoperate with either an IP or time division multiplex (TDM) PBX or key system. This versatility gives a customer an easy way to replace traditional TDM trunk lines provided through the public switched telephone network.

In other recent news, Verizon Business also announced expansion of its already extensive portfolio of managed network services, with the addition of Managed IP PBX on the Nortel IP telephony platform.

The IP Trunking enhancements announced today are:

• On-Demand Networking Via Burstable Enterprise Shared Trunks: With the introduction of Burstable Enterprise Shared Trunks (BEST), customers will be able to use idle trunk capacity in one location to accommodate an increase in traffic from another location. This offering will be available to U.S.-based customers on a select IP Trunking plan beginning in mid-January 2008, with global expansion to follow. This new capability can help customers better manage utilization of their local and long-distance traffic by sharing capacity on demand.

• Additional IP PBX Platform Choices: Verizon Business continues to help customers adopt IP in their own manner and at their own pace by providing a wide range of VoIP solutions, including customer premises equipment (CPE) options from industry leaders. Nortel Communication Server 1000 5.0 is the latest IP PBX platform certified to interoperate with Verizon IP Trunking. This widely used enterprise CPE solution, a cornerstone of Nortel's Unified Communications platform, joins a prestigious and extensive line-up of Verizon Business CPE that has been rigorously tested and certified for successful implementation of Verizon VoIP. In addition, certification of Avaya 4.0 Communication Manager has expanded the list of Avaya CPE included in Verizon Business' portfolio. Avaya Communication Manager IP Telephony software helps companies connect employees and customers wherever they are, over whatever device they have available. Both of these new IP PBX platforms are available to customers in the United States and many countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

• Ethernet as a Path to VoIP: As companies worldwide look to extend Ethernet for wide area networking, Ethernet access to an MPLS corporate network can now help pave the way for VoIP. That's why Verizon Business is introducing Ethernet access to Private IP, its fastest- growing service, as yet another fast lane to VoIP in a converged network environment. Now companies across the United States -- and in many countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region -- can now take advantage of flexible Ethernet network design options and realize potential cost-savings associated with this simple, effective migration path for VoIP.

• Automatic Call Rerouting Helps Maintain Business Continuity: Verizon IP Trunking customers can now benefit from Inbound Failover, a new feature that automatically forwards calls to another IP address in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Unlike calls in the public switched telephone network that require costly and manual remote call- forwarding, IP Trunking enables IP calls to route to an alternate endpoint for completion. Customers can also leverage load-balancing capabilities that enable them to distribute traffic between IP terminations, enhancing utilization of failover resources. Together, Inbound Failover and load balancing can provide a more cost-effective business continuity solution when compared with traditional TDM services.

"Verizon Business' Burstable Enterprise Shared Trunks capability is unique in the marketplace and adds to an already robust VoIP portfolio," commented William Stofega, research manager with IDC. "Expanded capabilities such as these represent another compelling reason for companies to transition to an IP environment."

Verizon Business' comprehensive portfolio of VoIP services comprises five offerings that can be employed as stand-alone or in combination to create individual customer solutions. The services are: IP Flexible T1 (available only in the United States), IP Integrated Access, IP Trunking, Hosted IP Centrex and Managed IP PBX.

Verizon VoIP solutions enable high-quality voice communications in a converged network environment, leveraging Verizon Business' vast national and international footprint and a wide range of innovative features. Verizon Business is a leader in developing and delivering IP solutions helping large businesses and government agencies transition to VoIP on their own path and pace. The VoIP services also allow customers to use their existing infrastructure, enabling them to mix and match services, whether network or premises-based.

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