Speco Technologies Announces Updated Courses, More Certifications In Educational Course Lineup

State licensed or certified physical security and telecommunications professionals have a mandated requirement to participate in a requisite number of approved continuing education courses in order to maintain/renew their licenses/certifications. At the same time, the competitive environment in our industry drives them to learn about the latest developments in technology and applications. They want to expand their knowledge in areas which are becoming critical to the success of their business.

In order to meet these widespread educational needs, Speco Technologies has added several new seminars to the company’s educational series. These include a new CCTV training program with an emphasis on IP networking for remote access to DVRs and a class on sound systems, with an emphasis on how to design practical multiple speaker systems in residential and commercial/industrial applications. These programs, which include the latest information on emerging technologies, in addition to the proven basic techniques used by successful companies in these segments, are offered to participants free of charge. Therefore these professionals can fulfill their mandated requirements for continuing education while increasing the depth and breadth of their technical knowledge.

Speco Technologies’ involvement in further education is taken a step further by obtaining approvals for these courses by NBFAA, NTS and BISCI. They are also approved for Texas and North Carolina requirements, and Florida’s approval is pending. To further support the diversification of installers that use Speco’s products, Speco Technologies is in the process of developing additional new training materials which will facilitate entry into markets by people unfamiliar with video surveillance and audio systems.

Speco offers complete product training at the corporate training center or on the road. For more information on Speco Technologies’ training courses go to www.specotech.com or call 1-800-645-5516.

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