Washington State Completes Deployment Of Warning Siren System

Federal Signal Corporation’s Safety and Security Systems Group recently announced that it has completed the first-phase deployment of a Federal Signal All Hazard Alert Broadcast warning siren system along Washington state’s Pacific coastline. The secure digital siren system can provide tone and voice alert emergency communications to communities and citizens during tsunamis and other critical situations.

“Public safety is always a top-of-mind concern for state, county and municipal leaders in Washington State,” said George L. Crawford, Washington Military Department, Emergency Management Division. “We are delighted that Federal Signal partnered with us to develop and deploy their All Hazard Alert Broadcast warning siren system. Washington state’s emergency managers and first responders can now receive timely mission-critical information during a range of man-made and natural events, such as tsunamis, volcano eruptions, mudflows, floods, chemical spill emergencies and evacuation orders.”

A satellite-based communications backbone connects Federal Signal public warning sirens directly with the Washington State Emergency Operations Center. State leaders now receive real-time data from remote monitoring stations and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). When an emergency occurs, the state can activate a single siren, a zone of sirens or all the state controlled sirens. Status monitoring capabilities help ensure that sirens will function when needed.

“We are excited to complete this all important initial deployment of our Federal Signal All Hazard Alert Broadcast warning siren system in Washington state,” said David R. McConnaughey, president of Federal Signal’s Safety and Security Systems Group. “Developed in collaboration with emergency management leaders, this comprehensive Federal Signal public warning system leverages advanced technology to enhance public safety and security in Washington state.”

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