Amtrak To Use Explosives Detection System

 Smiths Detection, part of the global technology business Smiths Group, recently announced Amtrak has purchased SABRE 4000 advanced detection systems, to enable rapid and non-intrusive screening of passengers, trains and train stations for explosives.

The SABRE 4000 hand-held detection system is capable of quickly detecting and identifying explosives and also narcotics, chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals. Amtrak’s purchase and deployment will only use the explosives detection capabilities.

The SABRE 4000 explosive trace detection system is ideally suited to non-intrusive, random screening of passengers and their belongings. The system’s ability to detect explosives in 10 seconds with a complete analysis in 20 seconds enables the screening process to be complete in a minute. In addition, with the dual sample collection capability, the system can be used to collect and review both swabs and vapor samples.

“We are pleased to provide Amtrak with an explosives detection solution that has a proven track record, which immediately adds a sophisticated and portable layer of security to help keep passengers and busy commuter areas safer,” said Stephen Phipson, group managing director of Smiths Detection.

“The SABRE 4000s versatility, light weight and accuracy will enable AMTRAK officials to screen passengers both rapidly and non-intrusively,” said Cherif Rizkalla, president, Smiths Detection, Americas This advanced detection system will enable Amtrak  officials to screen efficiently for explosives in any area of concern, including high-traffic environments such as the terminals and trains themselves.”

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