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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

After a two-hour flight delay this afternoon, I’ve finally arrived in beautiful, warm Las Vegas for ISC West 2008. My plane from Dallas must have been packed with attendees; I kept hearing snippets of people’s conversations on all types of security topics.

I also was struck by how many international travelers were heading to the tradeshow. I can’t wait to check out the International Pavilion, where companies from outside the United States will converge to offer their best security solutions. One thing’s for sure: it’s going to be a busy and interesting show.

As for tonight, I’m going to swing by the System Sensor cocktail party at the Treasure Island Hotel Kahunaville piano bar. It should be a good chance to relax and mingle after a stressful and long traveling experience.

Tomorrow, the first day of the show, will be an early one for me. I have meetings with diverse companies lined up throughout the day, plus an HID press conference in the afternoon. As usual, I’m looking forward to seeing who has the most interesting -- and engaging -- booths at the conference.

I’ll also be stopping in on a few educational sessions to get a taste for new trends in the industry and to expand my knowledge of some basic concepts. Tomorrow there will be a class covering the latest in wireless access control and another on CCTV systems. This one claims to be specifically designed for the “technically non-technical individual,” so it’s a perfect fit for me.

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Megan Weadock is a communications specialist at Monitronics.

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