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Proximex Announces Surveillint Version 3.0

In conjunction with ISC West 2008, Proximex recently announced that it is now shipping Proximex Surveillint version 3.0.

Proximex Surveillint™ is a physical security solution for policy-based incident discovery, connection and resolution. Proximex will be showcasing the software at Booth 20132.

“Providing the ability to capture and share relevant information from traditional disparate systems in real time is the hallmark of a complete PSIM solution. Surveillint is just such a solution and also gives customers a powerful and easy-to-use workflow engine to help automate decisions and actions based on company security policies and procedures,” said Jack Smith, CEO of Proximex. “Proximex Surveillint 3.0 allows security teams the power, speed and efficiency required to relate disconnected information and incidents, then quickly communicate and report them to all necessary personnel in order to protect an organization’s assets, people and sites.”

Proximex Surveillint 3.0 includes new technologies designed to mitigate risk across an enterprise environment by providing actionable intelligence, speeding security incident resolution and reducing security operations costs. New Surveillint 3.0 product enhancements provide an intuitive and robust workflow foundation that allows security departments to capture and take immediate action on pertinent information based on the organization’s overall security policy. Organizations can then connect information from all their different security systems into a single view.

“The previous release of Surveillint provided impressive capabilities for turning data from multiple systems into situational relevant and actionable information in seconds. What has impressed me even more about Surveillint 3.0 is its enhanced Incident Workflow Engine,” said Ray Bernard, industry analyst and Board Certified Physical Security Consultant, RBCS. “Now security managers can easily capture their decision criteria for how incident response should be performed both by the security systems and the responding personnel. Surveillint can automate actions and responses based on changes in the environment and track the situation quickly as it develops in real time.”

“We designed Surveillint 3.0 to be the most flexible and scalable physical security platform on the market,” said Ken P. Cheng, chief technology officer at Proximex. “Surveillint easily integrates the existing devices, such as access control, video surveillance, intelligent video, RFID, radar, building management, chemical, biological and other security-related sensors our customers already have in place or plan to acquire. It provides customers and partners with an enterprise-class platform that will support the most complex environments and allow for sophisticated decisions and actions despite changing environmental conditions. This seamless integration ensures that security teams can connect, resolve and report critical incidents with accuracy and speed.”

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