American Fibertek Showcases Complement Of Network, Fiber Transmission Solutions

A full complement of network and fiber transmission solutions that address industry demands for more efficient video transmission were featured by American Fibertek Inc. (AFI) at ISC West. The highlight of AFI’s exhibit is V’nes (Video Network Enterprise Solution) -- a fully integrated video surveillance network transmission solution that provides a seamless and fully scalable “Open Path” for IP and analog systems integration.

“AFI’s innovative network system and point-to-point fiber solutions are proven to help users realize added value from their video surveillance and security system investments,” said Jack Fernandes, president and CEO of AFI. “We are focused on pioneering transmission solutions specifically engineered from the ground up for professional security applications that provide a seamless migration to IP-based system deployments. Our new product offerings on display at this year’s ISC West provide high performance control and transmission solutions that deliver added value and further demonstrate our forward thinking.”

One example is AFI’s “Open Path” which offers users, systems designers and manufacturers of related systems equipment the unique ability to integrate any software or hardware they have with any combination of V’nes software or hardware components. V’nes’ integration flexibility provides seamless migration to a networked platform regardless of any pre-existing system components, infrastructure or protocols making V’nes a highly feasible and cost effective network solution with low total cost of ownership.

Included in the V’nes portfolio and on display at the AFI exhibit are the Commander Series IP Communications Switch, Scout Series Environmental Monitoring System, Pilot Series Networked System Management Solution, Director Series Dedicated Server Storage Solutions, MaxiView Series Video Streamers, and MX Series Multi Port Media Converters.

AFI also introduced several new point-to-point fiber transmission solutions at ISC West. The introductions include a selection of video transceivers with features that include low cost multimode 8-bit digital video transmission, bi-directional communications and multi-channel capacity. The new products reaffirm American Fibertek’s commitment to legacy systems and its core product technologies.

Fernandes said the point-to-point fiber transmission products were developed to address the increased number of IP video applications and the parallel increase in fiber use.

“No other transmission medium delivers the potential of fiber,” he said. “Distance, clarity of signal and the absence of electrical interference make fiber the most efficient and effective transmission backbone. Additionally, increased deployment of progressive scan cameras, large system designs, the need for cleaner signal processing and lengthy transmission distances further amplify the need for fiber.”

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