Way Out West

As my time in Las Vegas ended last week, I reflected on what a success ISC West had been. More than 26,000 security professionals attended the three-day tradeshow, and the mix of diverse companies was almost overwhelming. I was able to browse all types of companies' booths, from access control and homeland security solutions to home security and theater products. And with an entire floor of the show dedicated to hundreds of international companies, it was impossible to see them all.

Luckily, I was able to visit with many companies that are making a real mark on the industry and introducing some fascinating new products. One of those companies was OnSSI, whose Ocularis intelligent IP video surveillance management platform is a quantum leap forward in video detection, analysis, delivery and response. Ocularis provides tools to effectively and automatically identify incidents, notify and inform security personnel and manage the response to an incident. The product's non-proprietary, open architecture solution lets users integrate comprehensive physical security and video analytic functionality. Users are able to choose best-of-breed components as they evaluate and identify the appropriate physical security surveillance solution. Also, Ocularis' touchscreen, map-based interface delivers powerful investigation tools and provides immediate access and response to captured events. To me, Ocularis' functionality and usability seemed like magic. I can only marvel at how far video surveillance has come.

Another interesting meeting was with Brivo Systems LLC, whose OnSite SE is a powerful IT appliance-based access control solution for those users who need to retain data within their organization's own network. The company also offers several amazing access control applications, including ACS WebService, which offers robust, secure Web-hosted access control.

In fact, my favorite coffee place, Dunkin' Donuts, chose Brivo last week to equip several of the chain's locations with ACS WebService to ensure security and improve operational efficiency. Six Dunkin' Donuts locations and the central bakery now have the service, managing access for more than 225 employees. The solution includes a mix of wired and wireless Brivo panels, and the company has plans to continue to roll out the Brivo ACS to other, new locations, while retrofitting existing locations, with the total number of stores projected to reach approximately 40 locations. Brivo is installed on main access doors and managers' doors, but also on kitchen equipment like coolers and refrigerators and pass-through doors within facilities. Obviously, it's important to protect those donuts.

My next trip is in September for ASIS, which is being held in Atlanta this year. Here's hoping it's just as successful as ISC West was.

About the Author

Megan Weadock is a communications specialist at Monitronics.

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