Homeland Security Group Launches Waterproof, Body-Worn DVR

Homeland Security Group has launched its new PDVR-1000, a waterproof, body-worn DVR that strongly improves security for agents in the field, offers evidential quality recording of suspects and allows supervisors to coordinate tactical operations. The company will showcase the DVR at Booth 2338 during GovSec, U.S. Law and Ready.

The DVR been developed in order to satisfy the growing demand for body-worn surveillance equipment whether that equipment is covert or overt.

HSG’s micro digital recording system contains the PDVR-1000 and a wide selection of accessories for various video and audio recording applications. The PDVR-1000 connects to both standard CCTV cameras and customized covert pin-hole cameras. Sound input can be from either a standard microphone or a customized covert microphone.

The PDVR-1000 records in a specially designed ultra fast SD media.

The PDVR-1000 is designed completely waterproof, fully in compliance with IPX7 standards. It has a 2.5-inch TFT LCD, DVR and motion detection functions. Equipped with the THS-330, the tactical headset camera with built-in microphone or CSC-550, the covert sunglasses camera, the whole recording system is also waterproof.

This makes the system perfect for humid or wet environments. The HSG micro digital recording system is perfect all mobile or recording for any situation ranging from covert surveillance to firefighting.

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