Bosch Security Systems, NetApp Announces Partnership

Bosch Security Systems and NetApp Inc., have formed a strategic, global partnership to capitalize on the rapid development of the IP video surveillance market. Under terms of the agreement, Bosch will sell and support cobranded NetApp storage devices as part of its CCTV portfolio.

“The market is continuing to mature in its understanding of IP video system architectures, resulting in a substantial up-tick in the adoption of Bosch’s approach for recording video -- streaming video direct to a RAID array or storage area network and eliminating network video recorders,” said Johan Jubbega, vice president of Global Video Systems and Products, Bosch Security Systems. “The partnership with NetApp will increase the options we offer our customers by adding proven technology from a leading storage solution provider. These products will appeal to systems integrators and our newest generation of customers -- IT-savvy end users.”

Bosch pioneered the development of IP cameras and encoders that stream directly to RAID arrays or storage area networks (SANs). This award-winning, efficient approach to video recording is made possible with the use of an IP-based storage standard -- the Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI). With the partnership agreement, Bosch is growing its portfolio of storage devices that use the iSCSI protocol as the company will resell four cobranded NetApp products or solutions.

The NetApp products offered by Bosch include the FAS2000 series along with the S550 and S300, providing a cost-effective family of products that delivers enterprise-level performance and scalability with a storage density ranging from 2 to 104 terabytes. Both the S family and the FAS2000 Series were recent winners of the ServerWatch Product Excellence Awards and will serve as important components of Bosch video surveillance solutions for a wide range of applications.

“With the desire growing among customers for IP video surveillance solutions, the timing is right to partner with Bosch,” said Andreas König, general manager and senior vice president EMEA for NetApp. “By leveraging NetApp solutions that utilize the iSCSI protocol combined with Bosch security products, customers are provided with a proven and effective answer to their video surveillance needs.”

Under terms of the partnership, NetApp will assist Bosch associates with presales support for the cobranded products. The company will also deliver training and certification to Bosch technical support groups. As a NetApp authorized provider, Bosch will provide customers with postsale technical support for the storage devices. This level of integration will provide a streamlined experience for customers during and after the sale of the cobranded products.

To maintain continued compatibility of products, Bosch will also gain ongoing insight into NetApp’s technology roadmap. Early access to NetApp’s devices will assist Bosch in tuning its video surveillance products to take advantage of new features and functionality in NetApp’s future storage offerings.

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