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Ben-Gurion Expands SimGuard Coverage to Simulate and Analyze Critical Scenarios

Rontal Applications Ltd., a developer and provider of innovative incident management and business continuity systems, recently announced that Israel's Airports Authority, Ben-Gurion International Airport Security Division has decided to expand the VDB (Visual Data Base) coverage of Rontal's SimGuard 3000 planning and simulation system.

Ben-Gurion is one of the world's most secure airports. In 2007, it handled over 10 million international passengers and about half a million domestic passengers.

The new VDB areas covered by SimGuard 3000 include the airport's main terminal (Terminal 3), Ben-Gurion's east operational area, the airport's parking lots (11,300 parking spaces for short- and long-term parking) and Terminal 1 area.

In the first phase of SimGuard's operation at Ben-Gurion, the airport's professionals also used the system to test several attack scenarios, in which potential attackers attempted to launch MANPAD missiles from various locations. After reviewing the outputs of a number of these simulations Israel's Airports Authority, Ben-Gurion's Security Department took the necessary precautions in order to provide threat reduction for departure and landing routes.

"Ben-Gurion's decision to expand the operation of SimGuard is further evidence of the quality, excellence, advantages and effectiveness of our proven system," said Eli Passi, head of Rontal's product group.

SimGuard is a family of incident management systems that fuse and display real time data to support decision-making processes in the areas of safety, security and business continuity. SimGuard systems include SimGuard 1000 executive dashboard, SimGuard 3000 planning and simulation system, SimGuard 4000 local site incident management system, and SimGuard 6000 multi-site incident management system.

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