Video Analytics Enhances Urban Security In Madrid Suburb

ioimage recently announced that its video analytics solution has been implemented to prevent urban crime in the Spanish city of Alcorcon, located 13 kilometers from Madrid.

With a rapidly growing population of 165,000 people, Alcorcon law enforcement groups realized that in the war against urban vandalism, intelligent automation tools were needed to handle the reams of video footage generated by CCTV cameras covering a perimeter of more than 33 square kilometers.

ioimage's video analytics was chosen to enhance the existing surveillance cameras and considerably increased detection rates while reducing the manpower required to constantly monitor video screens. Dubbed "The Virtual Police of Alcorcon", the system is part of a series of measures implemented by the municipal government to prevent violence and protect residents around the city.

ioimage autonomous PTZ tracking capabilities were incorporated into an array of PTZ cameras to provide automatic tracking of people and vehicles. PTZ cameras are commonly controlled manually by skilled operators for wide area surveillance, while ioimage's autonomous PTZ tracking enables standard PTZ cameras to automatically identify, zoom-in on and track people and vehicles without the intervention of human operators, and without relying on additional cameras.

Video analytics plays a key role in "The Virtual Police of Alcorcon" by enabling CCTV cameras to identify suspicious activities and then provide an alert along with visual verification to a human operator, thus allowing the operator to make an informed decision.

According to Oscar Romero, Security Division Manager for system provider BFi OPTiLAS, ioimage's technology is the best available on the market today.

"After three years of partnership and having implemented thousands of systems, BFi is very familiar with the advantages of ioimage's products," said Romero. "They are simple to install and maintain, easily upgrade standard surveillance cameras to intelligent cameras, successfully overcome lighting and weather challenges, and have a drastically lower false alarm rate compared to other solutions."

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