Abu Dhabi Airport Company Uses Network Cameras To Monitor Air Traffic Movement

Lumenera Corp., together with Searidge Technologies, recently announced a partnership to provide specialized cameras for Searidge’s suite of airport surface movement control solutions.

Searidge Technologies selected Lumenera’s proven Le165 network camera as the imaging technology of choice for its IntelliDAR system. The system requires a camera with extreme low-light capabilities and outstanding image quality to capture video data under vast lighting conditions. This megapixel CCD camera provides outstanding clarity and image detail, enhancing the performance of IntelliDAR video analytic functionalities.

Searidge Technologies was recently contracted by Abu Dhabi Airport Company to supply the IntelliDAR system using Lumenera’s Le165 network cameras, to provide surface surveillance capabilities enabling air traffic controllers to have full situational and visual awareness of the airport’s newly constructed runway. This non-cooperative surveillance system detects and monitors traffic movements on the airport surface providing radar-like target information.

“We’re excited to work with Searidge Technologies on such a vital airport ground surveillance project.” said Greg Bell, vice president of business development for Lumenera. “We look forward to building upon an already successful partnership, collectively providing industryleading solutions that satisfy unique application requirements.”

“Lumenera’s support was exceptional in meeting our quick integration needs.”said Moodie Cheikh, president of Searidge Technologies. “Lumenera’s IP cameras are the perfect complement to Searidge’s IntelliDAR system, ultimately increasing the airport’s overall safety and seamlessness of its operations.”

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