Frost & Sullivan, Avigilon To Collaborate In Developing Content-Based Curriculum For Video Surveillance Industry

As video surveillance systems move from analog to digital and then on to IP based systems, the industry is positioning itself for a skill set refresh cycle. End users are also keenly aware of this and are concerned with the investments they make in video surveillance and for the quality of commissioning these systems to prevent “buyer’s remorse.”

Frost & Sullivan recently announced that it will begin collaborating with Avigilon on an upcoming project to develop a content-based curriculum for the video surveillance industry. Avigilon, a provider of high-definition and megapixel video surveillance systems, recognizes the current need to focus on the direction the video surveillance industry is heading.

Avigilon and Frost & Sullivan will team up and work together to develop a university type curriculum that is centered on the skills necessary to address technology and knowledge transfer of IP-based HD surveillance. This curriculum will focus on the skills needed and required by the systems integrator sales, design and installations teams.

The extensive curriculum will include the following components: value proposition, system design, compression/bandwidth, software applications, pixel on target definition, camera lens/lighting/depth of field definitions for the Avigilon HDSM platform. The curriculum and associated certification testing will both be Web-based.

For more information, e-mail David Escalante at or visit

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