Ben-Gurion International Airport Deploys Shoes-On Weapons Metal Detection System

IDO Security Inc., developer of the MagShoe “shoes-on” weapons metal detection system, recently announced that the company’s products have been installed in the main terminal at Ben-Gurion International Airport, Israel’s busiest airport and one of the most secure in the world.

With MagShoe, Ben-Gurion extends the capabilities of traditional walkthrough metal detectors to include complete scanning of the ankles and feet in seconds -- without requiring passengers to remove their shoes. MagShoe’s convenient, patented step-in design improves accuracy and security, while reducing travel delays and discomfort.

The portable, user-friendly MagShoe devices are installed at security check entry points throughout Terminal 3, the airport’s main terminal facility which serves as the international gateway to and from Israel for more ten million travelers each year.

“Traveler safety is always our first priority -- and our process for vetting new security technologies is rigorous,” said Nissim Ben-Ezra, securities technology manager for the Israel Airports Authority, which manages the country’s major civil airports and land-to-land border terminals with neighboring countries. “IDO Security’s MagShoe is at the cutting-edge of the market, and allows us to continue to provide the highest levels of security to our international passengers.”

“Ben-Gurion International is known for setting the global standard in security practices, personnel and technology,” said John Mitola, Director of IDO Security. “The fact that the airport has welcomed the MagShoe into its security arsenal speaks volumes to the device’s ability to meet even the most rigorous standards for state-of-the-art security.”

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