Chemical Security Services Group Formed

A group of highly experienced security and emergency management professionals recently announced they have formed Chemical Security Services to assist chemical facilities in complying with complex security regulations contained in the Department of Homeland Security's Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS).

"We've assembled a special team of experts to assist chemical facilities in addressing all CFATS requirements and issues," said Mark H. Johnson, former Deputy Assistant Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration and a CSS Director. "We will ensure facilities meet the strict government security standards and avoid operational disruptions and costly fines."

The directors of CSS have broad expertise in Risk-Based Performance Standards, which DHS requires to mitigate security vulnerabilities. Members of CSS have evaluated security plans submitted to government agencies for review and have first-hand knowledge of expectations and the evaluation process.

"The CFATS process is comprehensive and highly complex," said Asa Hutchinson, former Under Secretary for Border and Transportation Security at the Department of Homeland Security and a CSS Director. "In addition to security services, we provide assistance to facilities to navigate the regulations and resolve disagreements and other issues."

CSS works side-by-side with clients to review and complete top screen questionnaires, vulnerability security surveys, alternative security plans, and site security plans. Assistance with training, exercises, drills, pre-inspection support and security audits is also available.

"Our team also assists high-risk chemical facilities that may have drafted security plans but are unsure if they meet all CFATS requirements," said Bill Livingstone, a former top executive at well-known risk management firms and a CSS Director. "We evaluate the plans to ensure they are properly drafted and organized to facilitate approval, thus saving time and money for chemical facilities."

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