Andrews International, Asvaco Form Partnership

Andrews International, a full service provider of security and risk mitigation services, and Asvaco, a provider of professional vulnerability assessment software, have announced the formation of a strategic partnership to provide a comprehensive security and risk assessment service.

The partnership offers a technology-driven solution that provides clients a standard, quantifiable baseline understanding of their risk scenario. The process combines automated data collection and reporting with customized expert risk analysis and planning to clearly evaluate, rank and respond to risks.

Utilizing the Asvaco automated assessment tool, Andrews International security personnel complete an onsite survey by answering a series of pre-determined questions related to industry-specific criteria. Based on the data gathered at the site level, Andrews International's consultants work with clients to assess vulnerabilities, rank priorities and develop a security plan.

The associated result is an established approach, budget and implementation schedule to manage risk according to client objectives. This approach allows security and risk management practitioners to quickly gather and assess "snapshots" of their risk posture across consistent variables throughout the organization. The assessment methodology is adaptability to various sectors, vertical markets, business processes and global/regional unique conditions.

"This partnership combines the convenience of technology with the value expertise of our security practitioners to extend our clients' reach and capabilities," said Ray O'Hara, CPP, senior vice president of Andrews International, "The perpetual nature of the process to analyze changes, needs and conditions; and the efficient nature of the tool because of the automation format, allows our clients to improve compliance, reduce risk and lower the costs of doing business."

"Our partnership with Andrews International fills a gap in the industry with an established system that gathers information, research and expertise to produce documented recommendations, references and vulnerability ratings," said Chate Asvanonda, president of Asvaco Assessment Software and Services "The ability to standardize evaluations and ratings by facility or operation allows the client to focus on allocating resources to create a consistent level of risk management throughout its organization."

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