MATE Intelligent Video Secures Manufacturing Site

MATE Intelligent Video recently announced that it provided its Trigger, a video detection unit, as a part of a CCTV system upgrade for Pellerin-Milnor, the world's renowned laundry machinery manufacturer. The system upgrade was performed by United Security Alarm, Inc., a systems integrator is southeast Louisiana.

The Milnor site includes a manufacturing facility, assembly plant and an engineering center encompassing more than 400,000 square feet. Six-hundred employees work at the site each day. The plant turns about 48 million pounds of goods a year, shipping over 10,000 spare parts every week and receives over 10,000 pounds of raw steel, stainless and carbon steel that is kept in stock for onsite production. Protection of precious raw materials and safety of employees were the two main reasons for a security upgrade.

United Security Alarm, Inc., designed the new security plan including MATE's video analytics as a part of the new CCTV system monitored directly from a remote central station.

"We chose video analytics because it was the most effective solution to provide good outdoor detection" said Jim Waltz, vice president of marketing at United Security Alarm.

MATE's Trigger, an embedded video analytics encoder analyzes video, encodes it and sends real-time alarms to a 24/7 central station where an operator can review and replay the alarm for verification.

"Video Analytics proved to be a cut above any standard motion detection appliances and the MATE's Trigger a cost-effective solution,” Waltz said.

"Anyone who understands the use of the video analytics technology can see the value and practicality of it." said John Szczygiel, president of MATE, "We can now say that video analytics is in the mainstream of video and alarm management

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