California Sheriff’s Department Deploys Fingerprint Matching Technology

NEC Corp. of America recently announced that the Napa County Sheriff's Office in California deployed NEC's Automated Fingerprint Identification System Desktop Solution and is already experiencing the benefits from real time fingerprint identification and verification.

The Napa County Sheriff's Department deployed NEC's AFIS Desktop Solution earlier this year and has improved the speed of latent print comparison searches, as well as 10-print processing, which positively verifies identity during the booking process.

The NEC deployment also means that Napa County not only has its own local fingerprint database, but that it now is integrated with the California Department of Justice's fingerprint and palm database, which contains 15.7 million records. This integration allows county officials to quickly search state records and share their own records with the state.

The Napa County Sheriff's Office is committed to best law enforcement practices and is proud to report having success with NEC’s AFIS technology

The Napa County Sheriff’s Office has been able to abandon the time-consuming process of mailing fingerprint cards, in favor of an affordable and future-proof method that allows for results in minutes instead of weeks.

“After just months, we’ve already seen real results,” said Lt. Thomas Commander of the Napa County Sheriff’s Office.

“Law enforcement extends beyond county and state lines, and suspects cross those lines, too,” said Barry Fisher, vice president, Identification Solutions Division, NEC Corporation of America. “NEC builds AFIS solutions for all types of law enforcement organizations, with an emphasis on speed, accuracy, scalability, and integration. Sometimes that integration includes local agencies only, and sometimes it includes tapping the resources of state or regional databases, too. NEC is proud to have Napa County as a partner successfully building its own solution, while leveraging the resources of existing sources like California DOJ, too.”

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