Survey: 96 Percent Of Databases Export Sensitive Data To Other Systems

Independent research organization Unisphere Research and Vormetric, Inc., recently announced results of the Special Research Report: Data Security and Encryption, including that 96 percent of databases export sensitive data to other systems, including backups, file servers and application log files.

The survey of 260 IT professionals also reveals a growing demand for centralized encryption and key management, as the complexity of managing enterprise data security in distributed, heterogeneous environments evolves. In the survey, key management and security was cited as a top concern with implementing database encryption, second only to performance.

The survey targeted professionals with database or system administrator-related roles who are responsible for securing critical information assets. The respondents represent companies using every major database.

The database security and encryption survey findings also include:

  • Comprehensive strategy required to protect data. In 96 percent of cases, sensitive information is being transmitted and stored outside the database. This requires data security programs for all associated systems within the enterprises’ information management processes to ensure all data is protected, including file servers, application servers and backups.
  • Internal security teams are not the primary decision makers for data security purchases. Only 12 percent of respondents acknowledged that internal security teams are the primary decision makers for purchasing data security technology. However, 70 percent of respondents reported IT management is the primary decision maker.
  • Data security concerns continue to climb. 58 percent of respondents have become more concerned about data security in the past year, while only 2.5 percent said they are less concerned about data security. A wide range of reasons were given for the respondents increased concern over security, including heightened awareness due to media coverage of data breaches and security risk management.

“In the era of massive database breaches, the need for enterprises to protect their sensitive data has never been greater,” said Elliot King, professor of communication, Loyola College in Maryland and an independent research analyst. “Many organizations are adding multi-layer security measures, but according to our survey, many overlook critical aspects, such as the data stored outside of databases or incorporating the internal security team on security purchases. The survey also concluded that transparent, unified database encryption and centralized management has emerged as a critical element of data protection.”

The complete survey can be found at

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