San Francisco Rolls Out ID Card Program For Residents

The City of San Francisco recently launched an identification card system for its residents, whereby anyone who can prove that they live in the city can get a photo ID card.

The purpose of the program is to streamline the provision of services for those constituents who don’t have traditional forms of identification such as a driver’s license -- such as students, elderly, non-drivers and immigrants. The new ID card will enable these residents to access the library, city parks and recreation services, as well as provide an acceptable form of ID to open checking accounts at financial institutions including Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America and Washington Mutual.

Oakland-based Capture Technologies is providing the card system to San Francisco. A Datacard MX6000 Card Issuance System which is a fully integrated platform for producing personalized cards is at the heart of the solution.

It produces a secure card that is protected from forgery, fraud, tampering or alteration. Cards produced from the state-of-the-art Datacard system are more secure than the California driver’s license. The system was installed in City Hall, where it is anticipated that some 15,000 cards will be issued in the forthcoming months. Capture’s contract also includes equipment maintenance, user training and software support.

Capture is a provider of security and telephony integration services in Northern California, offering an array of security solutions from identification and authentication to surveillance, voice recording, emergency preparedness and access control. The company, which celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2008, also has offices in Oregon, Southern California and Arizona.

The ID cards can also serve as a smart card at a later date if the city so chooses. This could include information such as medical conditions and emergency contact information when warranted. The cards will cost $15 -- seniors, very low income and children’s cards will cost less.

San Francisco is the latest and largest city to implement an identification program for its residents. The city has funded the program for two years. New Haven, Conn, which began issuing cards last summer, has already distributed 4,500 of the estimated 5,000 cards it projected in its first year.

“This is a ground breaking project for San Francisco and for Capture Technologies,” Capture President Lou Parrague. “We are very excited about launching this top-tier security solution with the city.”

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