Massacre Plot Foiled

Two Canadian teens planned a colossal tragedy, but thankfully Winnipeg police uncovered the plot, foiling attempted mass murder at Manitoba’s largest university, two high schools and a church.

Police said the suspects -- a boy and girl, ages 17 -- had a stockpile of weapons and were allegedly aiming for one person in particular and planning to shoot others at random. The motive for such stupidity was not revealed by police, nor how they learned of the plot or whether it was documented in some form.

Although there was no specific date set for the killing spree, plans for the massacre began in October. The teenagers were targeting Lorette Collegiate, Fort Richmond Collegiate, the University of Manitoba and the Church of the Rock. One suspect is enrolled at Fort Richmond, and one is a former student at Lorette. The boy attended youth events at the church as recently as last fall.

Responses from locals could have been summarized with what Pastor Mark Hughes of Church of the Rock said, “You hear about these things in other places. You don’t expect it in your own city, and you certainly don’t expect it in your own facility.”

The unsettling truth is that this type of thing is happening anywhere and everywhere. It’s unfortunate that teenagers in this day and age feel the need to turn to violence to solve whatever problems they may have.

Thankfully, law enforcement acted on credible tips about the alleged threat. When the plan began to unravel, police seized the firearms inside a home where one of the suspects lives.

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