Vehicle Tracking Solution Helps Super Bowl Security

KORE Telematics, a digital wireless services provider specializing in machine-to-machine communications, and U.S. Fleet Tracking, a provider of automatic vehicle location solutions, helped Gameday Operations ensure security at this year’s Super Bowl.

The joint solution will tracked vehicles carrying all key NFL and entertainment personalities, including the AFC and NFC champion teams, throughout Super Bowl XLIII week in Tampa Bay, Fla.

Each driver of the more than 100 Super Bowl vehicles was issued a KORE-powered vehicle tracking device from U.S. Fleet Tracking. In the third straight year providing enhanced security for the big game, KORE and U.S. Fleet Tracking monitor edevery key location and movement by the members of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals, halftime entertainer Bruce Springsteen and other key personnel.

Through real-time information updates, security officials can ensure that the proper authorities and escorts are always in the right place at the right time. Officials also have the ability to respond instantly if any vehicle leaves the expected route, becomes delayed or is subject to other unexpected events.

Security personnel remotely monitored each vehicle’s location in real time via six, 42-inch LCD screens in the Gameday Operations security pavilion. Unlike other vehicle tracking systems that update locations once every one to five minutes, the U.S. Fleet Tracking solution  updates player and VIP locations every five seconds.

Users can also receive notifications any time a vehicle enters or leaves a certain area or exceeds a specific speed. With accuracy to within eight inches and 1/4 mph, security officials were able to zoom in and see what lane or parking space a vehicle is in.

“For the third year in a row, we’re proud to help keep the Super Bowl a safe event for everyone,” said Jerry Hunter, president of U.S. Fleet Tracking. “As the only vehicle tracking system trusted and used by the NFL, we need to ensure that our solution has highly reliable wireless connectivity. KORE Telematics provides the wireless network support required to power our industry leading line of advanced vehicle tracking solutions.”

“We’re proud to partner with U.S. Fleet Tracking to deliver truly live tracking and enhanced security at this year’s Super Bowl,” said Alex Brisbourne, president and COO, KORE Telematics. “With the industry’s most reliable and scalable all-digital wireless M2M network, KORE is powering innovative M2M applications for asset tracking, fleet management, advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), broadband wireless video and hundreds of other applications.”

The U.S. Fleet Tracking device used for this year’s Super Bowl is the size of a cellular phone. Unlike past years when each vehicle required an extensive 30-minute installation, this new device clips onto a person’s clothing and can transmit its location via the KORE network to U.S. Fleet Tracking servers. With no installation required, the cost of the solution and the human effort are lower, enabling the NFL to track nearly five times as many vehicles this year than last. The new devices run on an extended-life battery, they work through metal, inside buildings and track any vehicle.

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