South Africa Cargo Terminals Expand IP Video Surveillance

NICE Systems recently announced that Transnet Port Terminals, the largest cargo terminal operator in South Africa, is expanding NICE’s IP video surveillance environment at Durban Car Terminal and Ngqura, for a total of five port terminals.

The new project is part of a national security upgrade initiative designed to improve security at South Africa’s commercial ports and ensure compliance with the government’s Key Points and Strategic Installations regulations for the security of national critical infrastructure sites. This win further demonstrates NICE’s strategic focus on securing critical transportation infrastructure sites in regions throughout the world. The recent deployment at Florida’s Port Canaveral, the second busiest cruise port in the world, is another example.

Transnet Port Terminals, South Africa’s largest cargo terminal operator, operates 16 terminals at seven of the country’s busiest commercial ports. The NICE solution will enable Transnet Port Terminals to monitor and record images from approximately 800 IP video surveillance cameras stationed at five of their busiest port terminals. Furthermore, by adopting NICE’s IP-based video surveillance solution, Transnet will comply with the government’s National Key Points and Strategic Installations regulations, aimed at ensuring efficient and effective control over, and optimum security of, critical infrastructure sites deemed of national and strategic importance by the government’s Department of Safety and Security.

“We are proud to announce the NICE Systems solution as the new IP video surveillance standard for Transnet Port Terminals,” said Mervin Chetty, GM strategy, security and SHEQ at Transnet Port Terminals. “With our commercial ports open 24/7, 365 days a year, the high-availability solution that NICE provides ensures that our port control rooms have the highest performance components required to centrally manage, view and store video from all of the cameras positioned at our major ports.”

The NiceVision Net solution will provide Transnet Port Terminals with an enterprise-class, fully redundant, high availability open platform IP video surveillance system, which includes NVRs, a Virtual Matrix (for video wall management) and NiceVision ControlCenter to help Transnet Port Terminals port operators detect, verify, resolve and investigate security events quickly and effectively. 

Through NiceVision’s open architecture, the solution can augment other information, security and management systems, for example, enabling instant video confirmation in access control to improve the speed and reliability of the process, and provide an audit trail for investigation purposes.

“Securing this important project with Transnet Port Terminals further demonstrates NICE’s strategic focus on, and commitment to, improving security for critical transportation infrastructure sites,” said Israel Livnat, president of the NICE Systems Security Group. ”Our pivotal role in providing security solutions for transportation infrastructure, including port terminals, was recently demonstrated with Florida’s Canaveral Port Authority, where we are currently deploying NICE’s IP video surveillance solution as part of an upgrade to modernize the port’s security infrastructure.”

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