Face Recognition Technology Provides Access Control Security In South Africa

Following several comprehensive trials in South Africa, C-TRUE Face Recognition technology was approved by the South African Football Association for access control security to critical SAFA facilities, including the office of the CEO, Raymond Hack.

Stallion Security, C-TRUE’s partner in South Africa, was chosen to provide SAFA with a comprehensive security solution including the C-TRUE's C-ENTRY face recognition based biometric system and video surveillance monitored from Stallion’s nerve center.

C-ENTRY is an innovative and advanced biometric solution that uses individual's face as a key to grant access of use to premises which needs to be secured against unauthorized individuals.

“C-ENTRY proved superb performance under extremely demanding conditions claims,” said Alvin Flaum, managing director of Stallion Electronic Security.

High profile trial sites in South Africa, including SAFA, all successfully evaluated and approved the C-ENTRY systems late last year.

"C-ENTRY is the first truly functional user friendly face recognition system we evaluated and tried in many local installations" Flaum said.

South Africa will host in 2010 the FIFA World Cup, expected to generate more than $ 500 million dollars in business and host hundreds of facilities.

SAFA was founded in 1991 as the culmination of a long unity process that was to rid the sport in South Africa of all its past racial division. Four disparate units came together to form the organization in Johannesburg to set South African soccer on the road to a return to international competition after a lifetime of apartheid in soccer.

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