PSA Endorses Eclipse 700 From Digital Horizon Solutions

Digital Horizon Solutions, a provider of integrated access control and security management solutions, announced recently that the Eclipse 700 has been endorsed by the PSA Technical Committee.

More than 130 features were evaluated, including: re-assignment of output capability; audit trail capacity including date, time, who, old value and new value; ability to locate slave reader on a different panel; and the ability to use the reader as the enrollment leader.

The PSA Technical Committee recently began conducting evaluations of supplier partner products and the Eclipse 700 system was the first enterprise security management system to undergo the evaluation process.

“We found the Eclipse system to be robust and feature rich”, said Tim Feury, chairman of the PSA Technical Committee. “The support staff at DHS is knowledgeable and friendly, which enhances the overall product experience.”

PSA Security Network recognizes the changes occurring in the security industry and realizes in order to capitalize on current trends it needs to aggressively investigate and attract solutions for their vast network of security integrators.

PSA recently created the Technical Committee to achieve these goals and focus on providing members with the best product offering and new technology solutions. The committee is comprised of technical and engineering experts from PSA companies, along with members of the PSA staff.

The PSA Technical Committee performed bench tests and laboratory tests on the Eclipse product line, which includes: access control, intrusion detection, alarm management, biometrics, graphics mapping, DVR support and seamless network video integration.

The Eclipse product suite underwent a vigorous due diligence process to determine if it meets PSA’s stringent technical requirements, as well as provides PSA members what they need to conquer new markets and satisfy the needs of their customers.

“The PSA evaluation process was comprehensive and fair, and we are pleased to be the first company endorsed by Technical Committee as an enterprise technology provider”, said Mohsen Hekmatyar, vice president of sales at Digital Horizon Solutions.

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