REACT Enterprise System To Integrate With AMAG Technology’s Symmetry Security Management System

AMAG Technology has formed a strategic partnership with REACT Systems Inc., a provider of critical response notification systems that unify critical communications in emergencies and time-sensitive situations. The REACT system can reach thousands of users within seconds, delivering targeted and verifiable audio/video notifications to first responders and the public.

The REACT Enterprise system will integrate with AMAG Technology’s Symmetry Security Management System to provide a single solution that delivers an immediate notification of an alert. REACT sends instant alerts when alarms occur within the Symmetry System. The end user determines alarm parameters and configures REACT to deliver instant alerts based on specified commands and/or alarms within the Symmetry SMS.

When an alarm occurs within Symmetry, REACT can alert the designated audience using multiple channels for mass notification via desktops, public displays, phones, cell phones, text messaging and email. A video camera can capture an event, signal an alarm and an alert is immediately distributed. Within seconds the designated audience is aware of the critical event. Those seconds can save lives.

“Integrating REACT with Symmetry provides our customers with an integrated connection that is time sensitive,” said AMAG Technology Vice President of Sales and Marketing Matt Barnette. “The instant alerts are communicated through controlled delivery mechanisms, providing our customers with flexibility and instant notification.”

“AMAG’s Symmetry brings a strong means of managing security and provides REACT the ability to automate notification on a broad variety of security and life safety events,” said Jeremy Krinitt, vice president of product marketing at REACT Systems. “The integration with Symmetry provides a valuable tool to organizations looking to improve their effectiveness in response to critical events.”

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  • Occupational Health & Safety
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