SAMSUNG | GVI Security Unveils New Logo

SAMSUNG | GVI Security recently announced that it is accelerating its commitment to service, simplicity and integration. This dedication is exemplified by a new green logo that represents integration, convergence and team building, all within an environmentally-friendly atmosphere.

The arrows of new logo represent how the Company's full video product lines come together, working with each other and how they complement other security and facility functions. It illustrates how the company's corporate infrastructure, comprised of product management, technology design, marketing demand generation, field sales support, customer service, logistics and technical support unite to solve customer problems. The arrows in the logo are directed at each other, representing how increased service and support in pre- and post-sales are aimed towards the sole mission of serving the customer in the rapidly changing security industry.

"The world of security continues to change, becoming more complex, as witnessed by the increasing desire to install IP solutions and other sophisticated applications that tie various roles in organizations together," saidSteve Walin, CEO of SAMSUNG | GVI Security. "As a result, we look forward to helping our customers manage these changes by implementing new projects that accelerate service, simplicity and integration.

"We will be adding more new products and technologies to our present lines of video products, continuing to make them even easier to install, use and integrate. We'll complement our present outstanding services with new initiatives that help simplify the complexities of specifying, ordering, receiving and installing systems. We also plan to create even more tools of both the soft and hard varieties that integrate different types of video equipment and their applications together. In addition, we're developing more tools that blend video into the applications of other corporate functions, from retail marketing to access control."

"The green in the logo highlights our commitment to the environment, another change that is impacting the security industry," said Joe Restivo, GVI COO/CFO. "Not only is it practicing good corporate stewardship but, more and more, customers are requiring it. Therefore, we use recycled paper on all of our business cards, catalogs, brochures, packaging and other paper goods used in production. Our partner Samsung Electronics is additionally complying to RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances) directives in production.

"Our solutions and services are already among the best in the security industry, as borne out by the extremely large city-wide system we installed in Colombia, the 155-branch 4,000 camera integration done for Caixa Economica Federal, the largest public bank in Central America, the implementation of a video solution for a multi-national retail chain comprising thousands of cameras, and the installation of a complete video security system for the investor center network of a major nationwide financial services firm with retail investor centers throughout the United States, among other projects.”

Adding to Walin's comments, Restivo said that both the channel and their customers are overwhelmed with the variety of recently-introduced high performance hardware and software products and systems. This complexity is causing too much confusion.

"As a result, GVI is instituting several new service policies to our already formidable service program, including a new service guarantee," Restivo said. "With it, if either a channel partner or their end user has a question about a specific topic, they will be able to connect directly with the people in the department that specialize in that equipment.

"This new GVI logo represents how we are bringing a variety of programs together to serve our existing customer channels including integrators and their end-users in this changing world. With Samsung Electronics as our partner, we look forward to bringing to market the types of hardware surveillance systems that customers are requesting and demanding. To them, we will add GVI service, simplicity and integration solutions in an environmentally-friendly manner."

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