Former FBI Director To Keynote GovSec, U.S. Law

A keynote speech from former FBI director Louis Freeh will highlight the 2009 GovSec and U.S. Law show running March 11-12 in Washington, D.C.

“In 2009, GovSec and U.S. Law is partnering with leading associations, publications, government agencies, universities, and others to ensure that key topics are addressed with the highest levels of expertise and experience,” said Don Berey, show director for GovSec andU.S. Law.

The sessions outlined below are in addition to the in-depth conference program and are available to all GovSec and U.S. Law attendees.

A Conversation with Louis Freeh
The former Director of the FBI speaks on the convergence of homeland and cyber security.

Full-Day, In-Depth Featured Presentations:
Operational Value of Threat, Risk, and Vulnerability Assessment
This program will assist law enforcement personnel responsible for managing risk to understand and operationally use information gathered in various threat, risk, and vulnerability assessment methodologies. CEUs and DHS Certificate of Attendance available with this program. Presented by National Domestic Preparedness Coalition and George Mason University Center for Justice Leadership and Management

Internet Protocol (IP) Summit
This program looks at the application of IP to create convergent strategies. Presented by Security Products and Network-Centric Security magazines.

The Keys to Deploying DNSSEC: Managing and Meeting Your OMB Domain Name System Requirements
This program will offer up-to-date advice, information, and tools to help federal IT managers navigate the resources and issues they face in meeting OMB and FISMA requirements for improving security of the Internet’s naming infrastructure. Presented by DNSSEC Deployment Coordination Initiative.


  • Federal Information Systems Security Association (FISSEA): Tips for Educating and Training the Cyber Workforce of Today and Tomorrow, Presented by FISSEA.
  • Homeland Security Funding: Trends and Tips, Presented by Grants Office LLC.
  • A Federal and Mid-Atlantic States Perspective on Achieving Communications Interoperability, Presented by InfraGard, Maryland Members Alliance and Nations Capital Alliance.
  • New Integrated Security Solutions: An Introduction to Implementing Solutions through GSA Schedules, Presented by Federal Acquisition Service, GSA.
  • Federal Role in Promoting Infrastructure Resilience: The National Infrastructure Protection Plan, Presented by The Center for Infrastructure Protection at George Mason University.
  • Preventing Terrorist Attacks Using Actionable Intelligence, Presented by Counter Terrorism, Institute of Terrorism Research and Response, International Association of Counterterrorism and Security Professionals.
  • The “Whole Person Approach” to Security Clearance, Presented by Capitol College.
  • Crisis D*I*C*E (Defensive Information to Counter Espionage) –- The D*I*C*E ULTIMATUM, Presented by The Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies (CI Centre).
  • The Military’s Role in Homeland Defense, Presented by David Silverberg, Editor, HSToday.
  • 21st Century Economic Espionage Tradecraft, Presented by InfraGard, Nations Capital Alliance and InfraGard, Maryland Alliance.
  • Suicide Terror, The Terrorist’s Weapon of Choice. Can It Happen Here?, Presented by Security Solutions International (SSI) and The Counter Terrorist Magazine.
  • Lessons Learned in Information Sharing, Presented by Leiloni Stainsby, Manager, Partnerships and Outreach, Lessons Learned Information Sharing/DHS.
  • National Law Enforcement Data Exchange -- N-DEx: A Revolutionary New Information Sharing System, Presented by N-DEx.

  • Ahead of Current Events Ahead of Current Events

    In this episode, Ralph C. Jensen chats with Dana Barnes, president of global government at Dataminr. We talk about the evolution of Dataminr and how data software benefits business and personnel alike. The Dataminr mission is to keep subscribers up-to-date on worldwide events in case of employee travel. Barnes recites Dataminr history and how their platform works. With so much emphasis on cybersecurity, Barnes goes into detail about his cybersecurity background and the measures Dataminr takes to ensure safe and secure implementation.

Digital Edition

  • Environmental Protection
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Spaces4Learning
  • Campus Security & Life Safety