Department Of Defense Chooses Sony IP Cameras

The Department of Defense is rolling out more than 350 of Sony’s latest-generation 1.3 megapixel high-resolution network security cameras to its facilities worldwide.

According to Strategic Solutions Unlimited (SSU), a security systems integrator based in Fayetteville, N.C., the Department of Defense is in the second phase of its camera deployment, adding 300 units to the 50 cameras initially installed in 2008.

When complete, the installation will consist of a combination of Sony’s SNC-CM120 fixed-type and SNC-DM160 mini-dome IP network cameras. The cameras are being used to survey and secure some of the Department of Defense’s most sensitive locations.

“We knew we needed to build an IP network camera security system that could meet the challenging mission-critical standards set by the Department of Defense,” said Dr. Tony Martin, president of SSU. “After careful review, the powerful features on Sony’s security cameras, including their rugged design, Power over Ethernet (PoE) operation, day/night performance and intelligent video analytics, made them the clear choice.”

According to Martin, many of the cameras, both in the United States and abroad, will be used to collect video during both day and night operations. He said that a key reason for choosing the Sony cameras was that, “unlike many megapixel cameras that compensate for low-light environments by reducing the shutter speed, which tends to induce motion-blur, these cameras were far better equipped to handle this challenge.”

Sony’s cameras feature advanced Light Funnel technology, which allows them to capture clear images in even the most challenging conditions.

Other factors that Martin said led him to Sony included the SNC-CM120’s and SNC-DM160’s intelligent video motion detection capabilities. By utilizing the metadata generated by the camera system, they can be set to detect events such as wrong way drivers, unauthorized intrusions and many other incidents.

Martin added that the remote locations in which many of the cameras are being placed meant that it was important for the Department of Defense to select cameras that were PoE compatible.

In addition to powering both the Internet connection and the camera via a single cable, the PoE-connection in Sony’s newest cameras is also used to power its built-in heaters. The heaters enable the camera to operate at lower temperatures.

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