VidSys, ShotSpotter Partner To Improve Real-Time Situation Management, Response

VidSys, provider of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software that allows organizations to resolve business and security situations in real time, recently announced that it has partnered with ShotSpotter Inc., provider of acoustic surveillance systems used for gunshot and explosion location and detection that achieves proven results for law enforcement, homeland security and military agencies.

ShotSpotter Gunshot Location System (GLS) alerts are interfaced with VidSys' PSIM software to enhance real-time situation awareness and incident management by enabling law enforcement, first responders and operations center personnel with acoustic and video information of what occurred that enables them to more effectively verify, respond and resolve incidents.

The ShotSpotter GLS is a wide-area acoustic surveillance system that detects and pinpoints gunfire and explosive discharges within seconds, providing timely alerts to dispatch, command centers and to personnel in field-based support vehicles. In addition, every incident is stored in a historical database for retrieval of incident information to aid follow-up investigations, crime analysis and contribute to prosecution evidence.

"Due to the proven results our customers have experienced using our product, the ShotSpotter GLS is recognized by public safety, homeland security and military agencies as the standard for gunshot and explosion detection and location technology," said Gregg Rowland, senior vice president of ShotSpotter Inc. "The VidSys and ShotSpotter partnership utilizes our simple and universal interface to bring to market ready-to-deploy audio-video surveillance, resulting in a complete common operating picture of events that bolster tactical responses and strategic operations. These combined capabilities can also be tightly coupled with access control, location maps and other complementary surveillance and security technologies to further support data fusion and security activities and initiatives."

VidSys' PSIM software integrates security information from any device or system, applies rules and policies to identify critical situations, and presents the information to operators to verify, manage and initiate the appropriate response. By interfacing with the ShotSpotter GLS, commanders and dispatchers will have both immediate awareness and ongoing intelligence of what is occurring and where. The acoustic-video information is also persistently stored and tagged for recall and use during investigations and prosecutions.

"VidSys and ShotSpotter are aligned in the goal of providing agencies with alerts and always-available forensic evidence. First responders are armed with the most accurate, real-time information of a security incident as it develops, allowing faster response while providing more safety for the law enforcement personnel, as well as the public," said David Fowler, senior vice president marketing and product development at VidSys. "When seconds matter, the combination of our technologies helps responders accurately assess the situation and prioritize the most appropriate response while eliminating costly duplicate or false alarms."

To see a live demonstration of the joint VidSys and ShotSpotter GLS solution, visit the VidSys booth (8052) at ISC West.

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