Crossbeam Extends X-Series Security Platform

Crossbeam Systems, Inc., has updated the X-Series Next Generation Security Platform with the introduction of its fourth-generation application and network processing blades and the release of the latest version of its open secure X-Series Operating System (XOS) 8.5-key software and hardware components of the X-Series architecture.

The X-Series is a security platform, proven in carrier and large enterprise environments, that virtualizes the delivery of best-of-breed security applications. It is the highest-performing security platform, tested to "real world" rates of 40 Gbps with ultra-low latency, providing unprecedented scalability and flexibility to meet the needs of large enterprises and service providers.

The fourth-generation application processing (APM 8650) and network processing (NPM 8620, NPM 8650) blades enable customers to dramatically reduce their data center footprint and consolidate security and networking devices onto one X-series chassis at an increased ratio of up to 50:1— more than double the consolidation benefits over the previous generation. The enhanced level of consolidation lowers the power-performance measure down to an industry-leading 44W/Gb. Additionally, with the NPM 8620, customers can take advantage of the X-Series architecture in more data center and network locations.

"The traditional approach to security, in which every new threat or compliance mandate requires adding more special-purpose appliances and network gear to the security infrastructure, is simply too complex, too difficult to manage and too expensive to be considered viable," said Chet Gapinski, vice president of engineering at Crossbeam. "The X-Series delivers proven carrier-class architecture for network security, providing the only open and extensible platform that easily scales on demand while driving down costs through massive network consolidation. Our new modules, combined with XOS 8.5, significantly extend these capabilities and benefits."

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