California Bank Installs IQinVision-Milestone IP Surveillance Solution

IQinVision recently announced that Farmers & Merchants Bank of Central California, located in California’s great Central Valley is installing only IQeye cameras in all its bank branches.

To further improve F&M Bank’s IP video surveillance program, IQeye511 cameras will be installed in 22 F&M Bank branches, covering lobbies, teller windows, and ATMs. Taking advantage of the IQeye’s superior image quality, the bank is able to lower costs by using one camera for every two tellers. The cameras are used for teller protection and investigation in the case of robberies.

“The biggest thing we were looking at was the failure rate on some of the non-IQeye installed cameras,” said Scott Lindley, CIO at F&M Bank. “The comparative track records were like night and day: no failure for the IQeye cameras vs. prone to failure with the other brands.”

F&M Bank has also been impressed with the IQeye’s excellent image quality, high-level reliability, and very low maintenance. The IQeye’s adjustable image size and flexible software features let the bank optimize the cameras to provide video surveillance and robbery deterrent at a high level. Safety and security of the F&M Bank and its customers are a top priority.

Upon project completion, F&M Bank will have over 100 IQeye cameras protecting most branches.

“We really like the Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) feature, other vendor cameras required us to have separate power units -- that’s a headache we don’t need,” Findley said. “Another great feature is being able to cover wider areas.”

Before IQinVision technology, F&M needed one camera for every teller -- more cameras, with lower resolution, and a higher overall cost was not a winning formula for F&M.

The bank uses Milestone video management software to manage camera output, cameras run 24/7 at 3-5 frames-per-second, which is fast enough to catch transaction detail, and record motion for efficient bandwidth and storage management. The combined IQinVision-Milestone solution is ably meeting the bank’s security needs and exceeding Lindley’s expectations.

“The IQeyes are highly stable on the network, very easy to deploy, and they cover all the angles we want to cover,” he said. “We also like the flexibility in being able to move cameras quickly and efficiently.”

“Protecting banks is a very serious responsibility,” said Peter DeAngelis, IQinVision president and CEO. “ We are proud to say that our IQeye’s image quality, reliability, and stability are proving effective in protecting bank branches and aiding in the apprehension of dangerous criminals.”

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