Arson Protection Tips

The United States Fire Administration offers tips to reduce the chances that you may become a victim of arson.

  • External and internal security such as locks, alarms, and monitoring equipment can deter an arsonist. Arsonists, like burglars, fear light. Be sure to have sufficient lighting. Do not provide cover for the arsonists. Get involved with community awareness and watch programs.
  • Secure and monitor unoccupied and abandoned buildings.
  • Remove trash, debris, and other combustible materials from the front and back of your business or home.
  • Remove or securely store flammable material and chemicals from your business or home.
  • Lock your doors and windows.
  • Report suspicious people and activity to law enforcement officials.
  • Support local Neighborhood Watch programs.
  • Illuminate the exterior and entrances.
  • Remove garbage cans daily during nonschool hours. Garbage has been used as an ignition source for arson fires or to keep an unwelcome visitor warm.
  • Keep dumpsters at least 10 feet away from buildings and roof overhangs. Make sure all discarded materials are placed inside the containers and padlock them after school hours.
  • Lock and secure your vehicle.

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