Proof In The Packaging

Ralph JensenThe first day on the IFSEC floor has apparently been disappointing for some exhibitors. Since I’ve never been here before, I’m not sure how crowded it should look and the only thing I have to judge by is the traffic from ISC West. It didn’t seem all that crowded.

However, there is a huge upside to IFSEC. The people attending were keenly aware of new product possibilities, what the products and solutions were meant to do and what applications would benefit most from the technology.

I did find a couple new products well worth sharing. Relative newcomer to the security industry, but certainly not new to technology, Cisco comes with its security value proposition.

Cisco physical security solutions can be deployed in a wide range of scenarios. Featuring network and video expertise, the solutions are designed for effective deployment in campus, branch, mobile and outdoor situations. Video deployments range from a handful to thousands of cameras, from LAN/WAN to wireless connections and from indoor to harsh outdoor or mobile environments.

Cisco Video Surveillance 4000 Series IP cameras are true high-definition (HD) video surveillance IP digital cameras designed for superior performance in a wide variety of video surveillance applications. The cameras offer true high-definition video and H.264 compression, progressive scan streaming up to 30 frames per second at 1080p resolution. The cameras also can scale to a resolution of up to 60 fps at 720p and feature optional digital signal processor for edge-based analytics.

Here’s an interesting video clip, I thought you might enjoy.

Also showing an interesting product is Zurich-basesd Barix. It’s the Barionet IP control device used to monitor power cabinets and substations. In one case study, it has been used throughout Singapore. The product is network-enabled and remotely accessible, making it ideal for automation and monitoring applications in building, industrial and IT systems. In Singapore, the device is mainly used to monitor substation security and integrity by supervising doors and cabinets, as well as switch alarms and local control functions.

Bottom line on this product is its ability to monitor the environmental condition of the cabinets. The readings and notifications allow operators to react quickly in the event of impending or actual equipment failures and security threats.

My final day at IFSEC was Tuesday. I’ll be reporting back to you my final thoughts in the Friday edition of the IFSEC tradeshow update. The floor space is more than I’ve ever seen before, so I’ve got lots of walking and talking to do. Thankfully, it’s something I enjoy while looking at new products. I’ll find a couple more products I think are rather interesting and share my thoughts.

Speaking of new products, Security Products will be awarding a New Products of the Year award in September. You can find an entry form on our Web site. Take the time to enter a product and hopefully we can talk product technology at ASIS in Anaheim, Calif., in September.

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