Facial Recognition Technology Used In Driver’s License Fraud Detection

L-1 Identity Solutions Inc., a provider of identity solutions and services, recently announced that facial recognition technology is proving to be a highly effective tool in fraud detection efforts among U.S. and Canadian driver’s license issuers.

L-1 recently signed new facial recognition contracts with an aggregate value of approximately $4.1 million with New York and the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO).

“The matching accuracy and robustness of our facial recognition solutions makes L-1 the preferred provider among driver’s license issuers worldwide,” said Robert V. LaPenta, chairman, president and CEO of L-1 Identity Solutions. “The trust we have established with our customers enables us to work closely alongside them, providing important identity management tools that can be used as part of their efforts to protect citizens from crime and theft made possible by fraudulent identities.”

In New York, a new contract for L-1 software and services will enable the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles to quickly and accurately identify instances among the 17 million facial images in the system where multiple digital images may be of the same person, an occurrence that could lead to the issuance of multiple IDs to the same individual under different and fraudulent aliases.

L-1 also provides fingerprinting and background check services for security guards, private investigators, watch guard and patrol, armored car carrier, armored car guards, coin processors and bail enforcement agents as required by the New York Department of State, Division of Licensing Services in collaboration with the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS). Local law enforcement in New York uses L-1 Identity management tools for criminal investigation.

The Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) in Canada signed a new contract with L-1 to use the L-1 facial recognition system to enhance the integrity of the MTO’s license issuing process. The technology screens individuals applying for a license to ensure one record/one driver. The three year contract with L-1 also includes three additional one-year renewal options.

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