IndigoVision IP Security System Protects APEC Summit

IndigoVision’s complete IP security system is providing an advanced wireless surveillance solution for San Borja, Peru, which was deployed as part of the recent APEC summit. San Borja is primarily a middle-class district of the country’s capital, Lima, covering an area of 4 square miles and with a population of more than 100,000. The system was installed in advance of the annual meeting of the 21 members of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), which met in Lima in November.

The San Borja authorities needed a surveillance system that could deliver high-quality video using wireless networks to monitor public safety and identify criminal activity in an urban environment. Following a technical evaluation, IndigoVision was chosen and the system was designed and installed by Exprescom and partner Netkrom Technologies.

“Several digital CCTV technologies were evaluated for this project,” said Ing. Andres Reyes, corporate project manager at Netkrom Technologies. “IndigoVision was chosen because it demonstrated by far the best video compression, which meant that high-quality images can be streamed across a wireless network without image degradation.”

The system is monitored by the staff of the Serenazgo, the local authority’s security force, from a Central Command Center. The security team use ‘Control Center’, IndigoVision’s Security Management Software (SMS) to monitor live and recorded video and manage alarms. ‘Control Center’ provides powerful search tools for analyzing recorded video and features such as maps, which coupled with alarms, ensures timely incident response to emergencies.

Evidential quality video can be exported from the system to aid the local police in investigations following an incident. The Central Command Center has 4 ‘Control Center’ workstations with multiple monitors and an IndigoVision NVR for continuous recording of the video.

“‘Control Center’ software is field-proven and provides the authorities with a robust and advanced solution for monitoring and analyzing video and managing alarms,” Reyes said. “Using the thumbnails feature they can search through 24-hours of video in just a few seconds.”

What makes IndigoVision’s technology ideal for wide-area urban monitoring and sets them apart from other digital CCTV solutions is its class-leading compression technology. Evidential-quality video can be transmitted across standard IP networks over large distances with minimal bandwidth requirement. This ensures latency is kept to a minimum, which allows PTZ cameras to be controlled smoothly from a distance, and wireless networks to be deployed easily to overcome the cabling problems associated with wide-area surveillance. Fully synchronized high-quality two-way audio can also be transmitted alongside the video, to broadcast public announcements through camera mounted speakers or to be used in video intercom help-points for use by the public.

San Borja deployed 43 of IndigoVision’s 8000 Series PTZ IP Domes at strategic points around the district. Each IP dome contains a high-quality camera, robust PTZ mechanism and the MPEG-4 compression hardware. DVD-quality video can therefore be streamed directly from the camera on to the wireless network without the need for an external codec.

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