Future Fibre Technologies Receives CVI Certification From DHS

The entire team at Future Fibre Technologies Inc (FFT), composed of developers, manufacturers and installers of fiber-optic intrusion detection systems, has completed the US Department of Homeland Security's Counter-Terrorism Vulnerability Information (CVI) Certification process. All staff are now authorized to handle site security plan information from any of the numerous domestic chemical manufacturing and storage sites deemed security risks by the government.

The FFT team's certification provides staff with the ability to handle sensitive data for these upcoming Government-mandated critical chemical site projects, and enables FFT to continue providing its state-of-the-art technology to customers.

As well as FFT's staff being certified to handle sensitive site security plan information, FFT's product range, which includes Secure Fence and Secure Zone, is compliant for filling the upcoming perimeter needs of these sites.

In the US, responsibility for chemical security is shared among federal, state, and local governments, as well as the private sector, and the certification process is part of the strategy to strengthen the security of America's chemical facilities.

Another part of the strategy is the establishment of the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards, issued by the US Department of Homeland Security for any facility that manufactures, uses, stores, or distributes certain chemicals at or above a specified quantity.

Once again, FFT's fiber-optic, fence-mounted intrusion detection technologies are compliant to deliver state of the art security systems to sites such as refineries, LNG and petrochemical plants, as well as military bases, sensitive government facilities and other critical infrastructures.

The FFT technology uses its advanced Digital Signal Processing technology to overcome the problems of nuisance alarms and the systems do not require any power or electronics to be installed on the fence line.

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