System Sensor Updates its Reflected Beam Smoke Detector Applications Guide

System Sensor has released the newly revised "Applications Guide: Single-Ended Reflected Beam Smoke Detector". This guide provides information on the proper utilization of beam smoke detectors in life safety and property protection applications. In addition, it summarizes the operating principles of single-ended reflected beam smoke detectors, their design requirements, and their practical applications as a component of an automatic fire alarm system.

From the Preface:

Beam smoke detectors can be important components of a well-designed automatic fire alarm system. Because of their capabilities, beam detectors can overcome some of the limitations of spot-type smoke detectors. This guide was developed to help the fire alarm designer gain an understanding of the beam smoke detector’s capabilities and when [these devices] may be the preferred technology for a particular application.

This most recent version of the guide provides greater clarification to the mounting and installation guidelines, reflecting the latest standards and requirements.

To get a free copy of the guide, contact System Sensor at 800/736-7672 or download a PDF version from the System Sensor beam smoke detection online resource page at

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