Mace CSSS Introduces stages Monitoring Center Platform

Mace Security International Inc. recently announced that its recently acquired Mace CSSS division has successfully converted to the monitoring platform -- stages by Secure Global Solutions.

The stages platform offers a comprehensive browser-based dealer application, allowing security dealers the ability to maintain full control of their clients and database. The new web access portal is configured to afford the dealer the benefit to review activity as it is happening. The software also provides comprehensive user-defined action plans to guide operators through the dispatch process. This reduces dispatch time and errors and establishes greater operator consistency.

The implementation of the stages platform is the first phase of a development strategy by Mace CSSS to provide their security dealers with the best technology for real time monitoring requirements. In the next phase, the division will upgrade its existing video monitoring and management platform Sure View to offer its dealers a Web services interface. The final phase of this new service level will be provided through the introduction of the backStage platform that will provide continuous data collection and knowledge to manage network risks.

“This ground breaking technology upgrade to the SGS stages platform is more than a great stride for Mace,” said Peter P. Giacalone, president of Mace Security Services. “This is equally a big step for the industry. With the benefit of our vast management experience, we have the stages platform working hand in hand with our Sure View Video Management platform. We will now integrate these two platforms and again take central station monitoring and remote services to a new elevation in real time capabilities.

“Morgan Hertel, our Director of Operations, and our entire management team worked diligently on this project to insure that our dealers would experience a very smooth and seamless transition from our legacy system. It is a great example of our corporate philosophy that always puts our dealers’ requirements first.”

“The conversion of the Mace CSSS wholesale central station advances our long term strategy of providing both powerful products and services to our dealer channel,” said Dennis Raefield, CEO of Mace. “The next phase will be the rollout of a formal Mace Dealer Program that offers additional services and support for dealers struggling to grow their business in this tough economy. We plan that each phase will involve a quality and leading edge service like stages.”

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