RFID Access Control System Protects Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular Command Center

A unique coalition of public, non-profit and commercial organizations partnered to provide an electronic access control system for the Unified Command Center operating at the 2009 Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular.

The coalition, made up of RFID Global Solution Inc., Fenwick Technologies Inc. and Middlesex Community College  implemented a system to electronically validate credentials of public safety officials staffing the command center.

The credentialing system electronically monitored the entry and exit of command center personnel using RFID devices attached to badges worn by authorized individuals. Additional sensors, working in unison with the RFID technology, monitored authorized and attempted unauthorized passage. Indicator lights provided visual confirmation of authorized entry and warning of attempted unauthorized entry.

"I was very pleased with how the new Credentials system helped us to improve access control and enhance security for the Boston 4 Celebrations' Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular, which is a live nationally broadcast event to 7 million viewers and attended by a crowd of more than half a million people," said Rich MacDonald, co-producer, B4 Productions. "RFID Global Solution's technology was the heart of this system."

"This credentialing solution is ideal for municipal, emergency and safety management organizations located in temporary or permanent facilities at large scale staged events. It enables free flow access into and out of command centers, while permitting only those who have authorization to enter the controlled areas," said Joseph Leone, president and CTO of RFID Global Solution. "This security solution is used by state and local authorities to facilitate access control and cooperative inter-operability between agencies. The portable access control solution could also benefit other groups such as FEMA and the DoD."

The credentials solution improves operational efficiency, security and public safety by managing access to sensitive areas without restricting the flow of key personnel; reducing the need for access control security staff; and eliminating the need to present identity credentials for electronic validation. The system operates both indoors and outdoors and is simple to set up and operate.

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