Southeastern Freight Lines Deploy Vandal-Resistant Cameras

Vandal-resistant mini dome cameras from California-based Rainbow CCTV have been installed at loading centers operated by leading transportation company Southeastern Freight Lines.

Southeastern Freight Lines are a prominent less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier in the general commodities sector with a fleet of 2,700 tractors and 7,850 trailers which allows the company to consolidate freight from multiple shippers into single truckloads. The operation uses a network of 76 terminals in a dozen states as well as Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Many of the company’s marine consignments are from the eastern seaboard and installation of the Rainbow units covers centers in Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami Beach and Tallahassee. At these facilities, which can have over 100 loading bays, LTL consignments are sorted into fuel-efficient full loads for transportation to states including Texas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Tennessee.

The Rainbow domes are of particular value to the client since they will operate at a minimum illumination of 0.002 lux. This is vital functionality in loading areas where ambient light is often limited and shadow from moving doors is extensive. The low-light capability can remove the need for IR illumination which can be costly and often proves cumbersome in assembly bays where space is at a premium.

User feedback has indicated that the cameras’ digital noise reduction feature has assisted operatives and management, and over 800 of the units have been installed to date. The cameras, which have 4-9mm focal length lenses, have replaced a competitor’s offering whose failure rate was unacceptably high.

“The client was buying our rival’s product direct from factory but not getting the support they needed,” said Rico Martinez, sales and marketing director at Rainbow. “We worked closely with the Tampa office of our distributor partner, Graybar, whose supply chain management meant we could offer a better product than the legacy unit at a more competitive price.”

“Where low-light operation is unavoidable these cameras are particularly effective. They are useful in areas where light pollution legislation is stringent and there are obvious advantages in avoiding IR illuminators, both in terms of expenditure and optical considerations. Rainbow is always aware of its carbon footprint and is pleased to be facilitating a project where the rationalization of lighter-than-load consignments optimizes efficiency.”

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