PSA Technical Committee Endorses ComNet, Honeywell, TimeSight

The PSA Technical Committee, comprised of technology experts from the world’s largest security co-op, has endorsed ComNet, Honeywell’s Pro-Watch, and TimeSight.

The committee was tasked with providing a complete review of ComNet, a new player in the communications field, based on internal and external supplier reference evaluations.

“We found that ComNet offers a full communications product line covering fiber transceivers, fiber modems, Ethernet products, media converters, managed and unmanaged switches, and wireless transmission products, with a focus on digital IT/IP trends,” said Daved Levine, president of SCI and a committee member. “Their products are designed with enhanced capabilities in flexible component packaging that addresses installation concerns. This company appears to have a serious focus on providing a quality customer service experience with timely product delivery, conscientious problem resolution, competent pre- and post-sale engineering support, and cost competitive design approaches to reduce overall inventory management and installation costs.”

Pro-Watch from Honeywell underwent a rigorous analysis with more than 130 features evaluated, including: audit trail capability, third party support of biometrics, and alarm instructions to the operator.

“Honeywell’s Pro-Watch system was evaluated as a comparison of feature sets against other comparable enterprise systems,” saidTim Feury, chairman of the PSA Technical Committee. “The system has the ability to integrate access control video and alarm systems into a single platform. Honeywell offers a quality enterprise access control solution that will offer PSA integrators an additional option when they are considering integrated security solutions for their customers.”

The Technical Committee conducted a four-pronged evaluation of TimeSight’s TSC-SVR-2, a storage appliance designed for business environments needing a compact rack-mount system that supports 8 to 32 high-resolution analog and IP MJPEG cameras and up to six months of retention without deleting data. The product was subjected to a field test, product-specific overview, internal reference check and an external reference check.

The field test environment was comprised of a TimeSight TSC-SVR-2, an IQEye 511 megapixel camera, an AXIS 211 megapixel camera, and an AXIS 207 VGA camera. The installation was done on a 10/100 corporate network.

“The product delivers what it promises in a very simple way: maximum video retention for minimal storage costs,” said Nathan Chavez, Technical Committee member. “This is a great solution for a customer who has a lot of high quality video that needs to be stored for a long time but has limited need for live viewing or enhanced search capabilities. The product provides superior storage management, but to capture a bigger piece of the overall NVR market, video management features will need to be improved.”

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