And the Survey Says...

A new survey from AlliedBarton Security Services indicates that unique circumstances and institutional cultural issues found in healthcare facilities play a major role in security staffing.

Important staffing decisions are based on quality of service, professionalism and costs. But most respondents agreed that security staff must be aware of cultural sensitivities and the security challenges.

Ken Bukowski, vice president of AlliedBarton’s healthcare division said that healthcare leaders believe culture is kind when it comes to hospital security staffing. He also said security staff respect the hospital’s mission and values but also understand the delicate balance between interacting with patients and visitors.

Security staff have a tough job in order to quickly and effectively secure the hospital in the event of disruption or violence. The most common areas of concern are emergency room violence, domestic violence and break-ins of vehicles in the parking areas.

Security staff also must be able to understand HIPAA and other healthcare regulations and, most healthcare administrations believe security officers should receive training to de-escalate any violence, including the protection of infants and behavioral health patients.

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Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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