Frost & Sullivan Offers Training Courses For Hotel Security Managers To Fend Off Terrorist Threats

Frost & Sullivan has joined forces with international security experts, the SDS Group Ltd., to develop tailor-made hotel training courses for hotel security managers and other staff who may be called upon to respond effectively in the event of a terrorist attack.

The training courses build upon and significantly expand the advice generally supplied to hotels by police and government authorities around the world. They provide practical solutions for improving security measures throughout the hotel environment and for resolving any potential emergency situations.

The courses feature expert instructors who have substantial field experience in securing hotels and other high-value soft targets as well as extensive education and training in security provision and counter-terrorism. In addition, guest lecturers demonstrate the latest technological advances in key areas such as CCTV, access control, the use of barriers and protective perimeter systems, and behavioral profiling, among others.

The objective of the three-day intensive course is to enhance and expand the security and crisis management skills of hotel managers, deputies and other public-facing staff. By completing the course, participants will gain a distinct advantage over terrorist groups and lone opportunists and will be better prepared to offer effective protection to their guests and fellow staff members.

The three-day Hotel Security Manager Training courses are held every month in London, with places still available for courses scheduled for September 21-23; October 19-21; November 16-18 and December 14-16.

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