CMS Announces New Wireless Video Surveillance Service Powered By Videofied

Criticom Monitoring Services, the largest wholesale monitoring company in the United States, has announced a new wireless video offering that provides security dealers a cost-effective and portable, outdoor camera for their customers.

"This revolutionary security product from Videofied delivers the same state-of-the-art technology used by some of the most highly guarded facilities in the world and does so at a competitive price," said CMS president Tony Wilson. "We are pleased to add this camera system to our service options, enabling our dealers to expand their product lines and revenue potential at the same time they offer their customers a flexible video option and enhanced security. This offering addresses the changing face of security in today's world, where protection needs to be mobile, affordable and interactive."

The Videofied product consists of a small, battery-operated camera and features GPRS technology, making video security available almost anywhere, such as construction sites, vacant homes or building sites, on boats, near expensive HVAC equipment or any other difficult-to-secure location.

Integrating cameras, illumination and motion sensors in a single, wireless device, the camera sends video clips of activity that causes an alarm directly to the CMS monitoring station as well as to a customer's cell phone or PDA. The ability to view video provides an enhanced level of verification, which can aid authorities and customers in identifying real threats vs. false alarms.

As demonstrated on the Videofied Web site, this product has already assisted in catching intruders or stopping criminal activity, including thieves raiding construction sites, home burglars and even teens using a construction site to hold a party.

The instantaneous video delivery, when the camera's built-in motion sensor is triggered, allows users to view and confirm the activity and take appropriate action, whether that be dispatching police or canceling the alarm. Specifically, Videofied works the following way to enhance verification and security:

  • If, and only if, an alarm is triggered, the wide angle camera records a 10-second video.
  • The video footage is simultaneously sent to the monitoring station and/or customer.
  • Monitoring representatives view the video in real time to identify suspicious activity.
  • If the situation appears suspicious, the police might be dispatched or the customer could be notified.
  • A video record is available if needed for follow up or legal action.

CMS and Videofied will be showcasing the solution at ISC East, Booth No. 1527 and 1650, respectively.

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