Visonic System Helps Catch Robber In Florida

Move over Cary Grant -- Visonic is now the modern day star of “To Catch a Thief.” Visonic’s PowerMax+ system, coupled with its MCT211 pendant, saved a life recently in Florida.

Bill Plunkett, owner of Nu Tech Services Inc. in Naples, Fla., explains that he had set up the local, 24-hour convenience store with the system and provided each employee with the MCT211 pendant to wear around their necks.

He assigned the pendants a zone and advised the monitoring company that if the zone was pressed, there was a burglary in progress. Plunkett points out that while many stores have panic buttons by the register, they’re useless if employees aren’t near the register or have a gun to their heads during a hold-up. He was right.

Soon after the install, the store was held up by three robbers.

“They came in with guns blazing and threw the female employee -- and the phone -- across the store,” Plunkett said. “As they were loading up with cash, she discreetly hit the panic button under her shirt. The monitoring company dispatched, and the police arrested the robbers just a few minutes later.”

Plunkett credits Visonic for the dependability of their products.

“I’ve never had to go back and fix anything when I install the PowerMax. A battery change is about it. And everything is in one component without having to add anything. It’s basically plug and play,” he said. “It’s all right there. Visonic’s products are so versatile -- it’s what has always separated them from everybody else. That’s their niche.”

The news about the life-saving incident spread quickly around Naples. Sales on the Visonic PowerMax+ system, Plunkett reports, have spiked just as quickly, as well.

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