Port Of Long Beach Deploys IP-Based Command And Control Center

Activu Corp., a provider in command and control room solutions for homeland security and emergency management announces the successful deployment of a new Joint Command and Control Center for the Port of Long Beach, Calif.

The new center was unveiled earlier this year with a high-tech security division chartered with keeping the second largest Port in the nation clear of threats. The 28,000 square foot facility houses the Port Security Operations, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Customs and Boarder Protection, Los Angeles Police, Long Beach Police, Harbor Patrol and Marine Exchange, operating in a 24/7 mission-critical environment.

Due to the dynamics of the building operations and the evolving nature of the Port, it was critical that their visualization and collaboration solution was IP-based to ensure optimal system performance, versatility and ease of expansion.

"Most of the visualization solutions on the market are based on hard-wire cable. Anytime you wanted to add something to the grid, you'd need to bring in a big crew, pull wires, put in routers, and control boxes. It's a huge expense which involves equipment and intensive labor costs," said Mike McMullen, security operations, lead systems analysis at the Port of Long Beach. "What we love about the Activu solution is that when you need to add something, because it's an IP-based solution, you just put it on the subnet LAN and you're done."

 IP-based solutions provide a flexible and a cost-effective environment, eliminating the need for organizations to invest in heavy infrastructure to expand their system.

The Activu visualization and collaboration solution brings together eleven distinct viewing points within the port with the ability to view and share content from any location on a monitor, LCD screen, video wall or overhead projector.

Content is shared from a multitude of software applications, devices, and video cameras including radars, sonars, video feed, Amber Alerts, broadcast TV stations and more, all integrated into Activu. The main video wall in the operations center consists of 12 50-inch Mitsubishi cubes, with multiple large-screen LCD panels installed around the facility.

Through the Activu visualization solution the Port has achieved a streamlined working environment among the agencies that collaborate to keep the Port safe. Regardless of their location within the building, all the distinct agencies have the ability to view and share information. Now the regulatory agencies share more information and the port tenants are comfortable engaging the Port in projects.

"It has really made for a tighter 'community watch' for the port that was not previously there," said Cosmo Perrone, director of security for the port.

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