Raytheon Has a Stake in Security

Raytheon is making a big push to do what some other major defense contractors say they must do: diversify and leverage military engineering skills on some scale to an increasingly security-conscious civilian population.

Is it a good idea? Well, that remains to be seen overall, but it would boost society’s general protection. Though it could be more divisive as military-grade systems are applied to the country in general.

So, who is Raytheon?  The company has built the high-profile Patriot missile system that has been on a full-scale deployment in the Middle East along with an advanced military communications system and even the high-security telephone that sits on the desk of President Obama in the White House.

Raytheon is developing a sophisticated surveillance system that will protect the four area airports in New York City, as well as traffic management on the nation’s busiest roads.

Company officials believe that military spending will ultimately wind down, therefore government spending on the military will decrease but company shareholders will demand to see profits rise. Company officials say that since 9/11 they have expected and seen “more demand for protection along the nation’s borders, oil refineries and businesses in general.”

Expect to see Raytheon enter the security race in the high-end surveillance and monitoring systems field to the government for border patrol security, as well as use by airports and oil refineries for higher-level protection.

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Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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